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Bench Seat Fabrication

Do you want to increase the seating capacity of your SUV or van but still need the ample space? We add bench seats that are fold and tumble for a convenient way of putting it up when not in use.

Captain Seat Conversion
Sport Seat Conversion

Wanting that sporty look and feel? We convert existing seats to sports seats depending on your design choice.

From simple repairs to full conversion of bench seats to captain seats, chroming of magwheels and headlight, customization of interior and exterior, Leder Interia has everything you need.

Other Services


Repair of Soft-top
Corporate Giveaways

Using our high-quality materials, Leder Interia manufactures corporate giveaways with a minimum order quantity of 100pcs.

Custom Body Painting
Fuel Injection Conversion

We replace any damaged and stained soft-top, and we repair its hydraulic pump and mechanism to make it work as smooth as its original condition.

Have you given up on repairing your fuel injection engine? We can convert it to carburetor system that will make any car run again.

Headlight Refinishing & Chroming

Over time your headlights accumulate stains and become hazy. We can make it look brand new and shiny with our refinishing and chroming process.

Give your magwheels a new look or simply remove the unwanted sratches and dents. We can paint it to any color, chrome it to get the "mirror-like" finish, or make it look original by polishing it.

Magwheels Painting, Chroming & Polishing

Not satisfied with those stiff bench seats? Replace them with these soft and luxurious captain seats and feel the comfort.

Thinking of giving your car a new identity? Whether you want a new body color or wash-over we apply only quality paint for it to last a lifetime.

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